Periodic “about me”

Since I’ve just had a small surge in readership thanks to Pithom linking to one of my posts, I’m providing some of the more static info about myself in case anyone is curious:

  • Sex: male
  • Race: white
  • Age: born in the mid-80s
  • Nationality: American
  • Regional location: lower Midwest
  • Household: married, with children
  • Occupation: tech industry, with a focus on applied human-centered research

I don’t have a description of myself or an “about” page on this blog because I don’t want to paint myself into a corner, and in any case I’m always seeking steelman arguments for views I oppose or don’t know much about, which means my own beliefs end up changing often. If you want to know what I think about this or that, read the blog. Or ask me in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Periodic “about me”

  1. “I’ve just had a small surge in readership thanks to Pithom linking to one of my posts”

    -Since my site is viewed so little, and I didn’t see this in my stats, I’m surprised there was any perceptible effect on your viewership.

    “Occupation: tech industry, with a focus on applied human-centered research”

    -Only detail I’m surprised by.

    • I got about 6 views, it looks like, and that’s a lot for me. I usually figure I’m talking to a wall (which I’m OK with).

      What did you think I did for a living? 😀

      • Something a bit less reminiscent of what the most Democratic county in California is known for.

        6 views? That’s not a “surge” of any significance. Both of my blogs get anywhere between 50 to 100 views on a typical day. The average assorted link at Cowen’s blog gets ~800 clicks, so Cowen gets several thousand views per day.

      • Regarding my occupation: they build technology other places than Silicon valley, you just don’t hear about it much. Of my dozen or so local colleagues whose politics I’m aware of, 8 are overall conservative, with a range from right-libertarian to Evangelical Christian conservative, and most somewhere in the middle of that range. I think that’s partly an artifact of being in this region, and maybe also partly due to my company’s culture and hiring patterns. I am ignorant of the political diversity of local peer companies though, so we could be an anomaly. I will say, people in my specialty probably lean further left than people in my industry in general.

        I’m used to one view a day or less, so yes, for me 6 is a huge surge. I’m aware this would be nothing to a serious blogger.

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