What’s up with hypothetical autosexuality?

There’s a “30 Rock” episode where Alec Baldwin’s character happens across a few  duplicates of himself standing around outside an elevator and, after the conclusion of some activity relevant to the plot, he says something like “So, we’re all going to have sex with each other, right?” and his duplicates all nod “Of course.”

Years ago when I first saw that scene it kind of made me chuckle. I’m not sure why–I guess Baldwin’s character was extremely narcissistic and that was funny? But since then it seems like a lot of other people have latched onto this concept of having sex with duplicates of themselves. (Not with twins or lookalikes mind you, but actual duplicates. Example. Note the comments too.) It’s treated as self-evident that a person would find the idea of sex with himself desirable.

This makes no sense to me.

First of all I’m a man, so sex with a duplicate of myself would mean gay sex, which I am repulsed by. Most people aren’t gay, so they should also be repulsed by or at least uninterested in sex with duplicates of themselves.

Second of all, a living duplicate would technically be the closest family member I could possibly have–closer than my actual twin brother–so sex with a duplicate of myself would mean incest. Even if I was gay I am still repulsed by incest, as are most humans including the gay ones.

People seem to express a willingness to suspend their normal repulsion to gay sex and incest, given a hypothetical opportunity to have sex with themselves. Is this a coy form of play-narcissism? Or maybe even virtue signaling via contorted logic: “I would be a narcissist in a fictional scenario, therefore I am a non-narcissist in this non-fictional scenario.”

Or is it an expression of curiosity about experiencing yourself from another’s perspective? I’ve sometimes wondered what it would really be like to work with me or to hang out and drink beers with me, but I have no interest in finding out what it’s like to have sex with me. Where would a desire like that come from? Very strange.

[EDIT: Going back through “30 Rock”, I saw another episode in which another narcissistic character finds her perfect match in a man whose hobby is impersonating her onstage. Her autosexuality is the joke that powers that story, so evidently the “30 Rock” writers found a lot of comedic value in that topic.]


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