Is there any research on this?

Hypothesis: Populations in which people are more prone to creativity and more averse to falling in line will have languages that evolve more slowly.

My theory is that one major way languages evolve is when lots of people hear a new word or term for an idea they already have a word or term for, but update their language to stay fashionable.

An interesting counter-intuitive result would be that more dynamic populations have less dynamic languages, and vice versa.


2 thoughts on “Is there any research on this?

  1. Arabic and Icelandic are, from what I’ve heard, pretty slow-evolving languages. I’m not sure Arabs and Icelanders are any more creative than any other people.

    • So conservativeness or isolatedness of the population might be a more powerful factor. Though, “creative” might not be the right variable either; maybe something more connoting “catlike in terms of ability to be herded.”

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