How Michael Crichton predicted Trump in 1987

Trump’s presidential campaign is the sphere.

I’m referring to the eponymous object of Crichton’s 1987 novel and the movie based on it (same title) that came out in 1998, in which three scientists are sent to the bottom of the ocean to learn about a huge spaceship discovered there. Inside the spaceship is a giant sphere.

Nobody knows how the sphere got there or what it wants. If you stand next to it, it merely reflects back an image of you. People who stare at their image in the sphere are mesmerized and drawn toward the sphere. The sphere is the Trump campaign.

The sphere is a shimmering gold color, like Trump’s hair. Just had to add that.

Once you’re drawn inside the sphere (the doors are nonexistent except to those who want in) you get a sense of calm and bliss. That’s the feeling of tribal unity you get by supporting Trump and sticking it to the mainstream media, the elite establishment, and the pointing-and-sputtering Left, who don’t see the door and don’t get how anyone could want to go inside the sphere.

All around the sphere is the blue ocean. Blue = Democrats of course, but you could also think of it as the establishment: heavy, powerful, cold, pulled by tides, salty and full of shit, yet easy to poke.

The sphere communicates through a persona, mostly existent on screens, that it contrives in order to be relatable to humans. That’s the Trump you watch on Youtube and on TV.

Once you’ve been in the sphere, your dreams start coming true. But you get more than you asked for, because your nightmares start coming true as well. So do other people’s dreams and nightmares, and they aren’t necessarily things you want. The power of the sphere is unwieldy and dangerous because you don’t really know how it works or what the sphere’s motivation is. That part of the metaphor we’ll only know about for sure after the election if Trump wins, but I’m betting it will hold up. (Or if you’re super-offended by some of the things Trump’s said and done, maybe it’s already holding up for you.)

One of the scientists is mentally unstable and has a sordid past with another scientist (she started out as his client, but became manipulative and destructive toward him during the course of their relationship), and plants bombs to try and blow up the sphere. She’s the NeverTrumper Establishment Republican. The scientist she has a sordid past with is the GOP voter base.

Finally, the sphere only goes away when the scientists all sit down together and agree to forget it. With this part of the metaphor too, we’ll have to wait until after the election to see whether it’s salient.

For now though, the metaphor is so perfect I can’t believe I’m the first one to notice it. Remember, you read it here first!


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