Alt Right: the ultimate cucks

I don’t permit the word “cuck” into my working vocabulary; it sounds crass, and I’ve heard it has its roots in porn, which is a distasteful thing to talk about or reference. But in this case I make an exception because it’s needed to make a point.

A lot of people in the Alt Right have a fetish for this word, and they apply it liberally when talking not only about the pundit class of moderate conservatives (the ones who’ve caved on everything the Left demands while whimpering feebly about conservative values), but also about basically any person they don’t like. As far as I can tell that might include anyone at any moment–except of course Donald Trump. More on that in a bit.

“Cuck” is shorthand for “cuckold,” a man who derives pleasure from seeing his wife ravaged by another man. It got applied by the people in the Alt Right to moderate conservative pundits, I’m guessing, because the Alt Right’s members felt that these pundits were secretly titillated by letting the Left transform America in a radical (i.e. anti-conservative) way.

Yet, the Alt Right’s claim to be anything like opponents of Leftism is at least as weak. Defenders of the unborn, of chivalry, of traditional marriage, of America’s core historic institutions, and of sensibly limited government are noticeably few among the Alt Right, a movement that even explicitly attacks Christianity. Instead, what you find there are a lot of cynical atheists who would rather abandon conservatism like rats (many of them have even tried to make it a dirty word) than stand up like men and fight for it.

The Alt Right has left conservatism lying naked in the street, and they cackle excitedly from high windows while they watch the Left come along to defile it. That’s cuckoldry, among other things.

The one policy position where half a case might be made that the Alt Right is somehow actually different from a Leftist enabler mechanism is immigration: the Alt Right does talk a lot about national sovereignty and America’s right to decide who is let in and so on. But how much do they really mean it?

Over the past year, the Alt Right put all work on hold to cheerlead and salivate for Donald Trump, a New York City billionaire reality TV star with no record of having taken any critical position on immigration in his life (except perhaps for having readily hired illegals to work in his hotels). Within a week of being elected, Trump has admitted (just as I predicted) that he will be reneging on his promise to build a border wall and deport all border-crossing lawbreakers. Other admissions of backpedaling–about suspending immigration by populations with relatively high rates of terrorists, for instance–have also come out, and more are surely on their way.

In true “cuck” fashion, the Alt Right responds to these admissions by doubling down on their support for Trump and attempting to purge the one or two doubters among them who point out that the emperor has no clothes. We can only speculate of course, but it looks as though people in the Alt Right enjoy, in some strange perverted way, the sight of the Donald grunting in pleasure over what used to be their only remaining piece of vertebra.


6 thoughts on “Alt Right: the ultimate cucks

      • It seems like you hate Trump so much for not doing the things Cruz wants, that you’d have been more likely to vote for Cruz than Trump in the primary.

      • To me Trump is as neutral as can be. Contrast this with the Alt Right who kneels before Trump and eats out of his hand. The Alt Right are fools and deserters (“cucks” if you like) for doing that–but I don’t hate them either: they’re only human beings, and human beings can be led astray, especially when it turns out they don’t stand for anything. It makes me angry and annoyed and washes away any lingering kernels of respect, but none of that is hate. Hate is reserved for my actual enemies.

        I don’t see what any of this has to do with my vote in the primary. (I did chuz Cruz by the way.)

  1. I never thought Trump the Great White Hope. Instead, a vote for him was just a needle in the eye of neo-con and leftist establishment. We rejected the repugnantcons and the demonrats.

    We rejected the status quo of entitlement and endless third world immigration. It was less trump than Ann Coulter who won. Trump voters voted Ann’s points and where Trump strayed from her positions he lost support.

    Trump was merely the beginning, the first step, in restoring America. After Trump we may hope for a new politics spurning the anti-white and anti-western neo-con and leftist paradigm.

    • You didn’t actually do anything to neocons and Leftists by voting for Trump, other than giving them emotional fits that took up the news cycle for a week. If more of my predictions turn out to be correct you probably gave them the president of their dreams.

      Ann Coulter wants Trump to build the wall. Trump’s not even in office yet and he’s already said he isn’t going to build the wall. Ann Coulter was the election’s Biggest Loser.

      You forced your fingers to type something about Trump not being a great white hope, but you couldn’t go a few more sentences without gushing about how Trump is going to usher in a new politics that spurns the anti-white and anti-western neocon/Leftist paradigm. Listen to yourself, man! You’re like the guy whose friends tell him his wife is cheating on him, that even they’ve slept with his wife, but he somehow twists it into evidence of how much she loves him. Hmm…come to think of it, they have a word for someone like that.

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