Handling media bias against your group

Instead of whining about it or demanding special favors, extract from media bias against your group a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of yourself and your circumstances, then use that to improve your situation.

It’s nice that somebody out there is chronicling anti-white bias in media (AWB) just so it’s there as evidence in case AWB were to be denied. And it’s natural enough, as a white person, to want the bias to be eliminated, and to see those who perpetuated it forced to redact their words in bitter shame.

But white people as a group are not materially harmed by AWB–this fact should make white people proud! Perhaps some white subgroups are harmed by AWB, but the same rejoinder applies to those subgroups as applies to other racial groups or minorities claiming they are materially harmed by media bias:

Bias is a naturally occurring force in media, and the two are in fact inseparable; you can’t have media without bias any more than you can have trees without wood. It would be worse in the long run for your group to have special walls built around it in an attempt to protect it from bias than to learn to recognize and reflect on bias. Sure, slander should be addressed, but criticism is good for you.

Claiming media bias is holding you down is a lazy cop-out; most of your problem is actually in some mix of your own culture and genes. At the end of the day those are things only you can do something about, and you can do something about them.


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