There’s never been a better time to get off social media

You probably already knew, but over the past few months you’ve been bashed over the head by how many of your friends, family, and online contacts are either whiny deranged liberals who think Trump is Hitler, or how many are racist right-wing fossils who think Trump is Jesus.

You’ve done a lot of work pruning your various feeds to block that infuriating stuff and show more of just the few things you’re interested in. You’ve even resolved to check your social media less often.

But you’re already starting to backslide. By February you’ll be logging in as often as ever before, and somehow those same irritating voices will be back, screaming about the Fascist Nazi Apocalypse of Xenophobic Misogynists or how Whites Aren’t Safe In Their Own Country Anymore–and the first weeks of Trump’s presidency will be used for ammo in either case.

Why not just cut the cord? Delete your social media accounts. Delete the social media apps off your phone. It’s very easy, and takes less than a minute. Just do it now.

4 thoughts on “There’s never been a better time to get off social media

    • Every time someone tells me about how they deleted a social media account, they always add it was one of the best decisions they’d made. Well done!

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