Did one of my Trump presidency predictions already fail?

Shortly after my election prediction came true and Trump was elected, I predicted that he would not even try to build The Wall.

I don’t read the news, but headlines occasionally dart across my screen from other sources. Today I saw one that seemed to indicate a leaked draft of an executive order, which Trump intends to sign, contained plans to build The Wall.

Now, it’s an open question whether this “leak” is merely propaganda from the Trump administration, designed to get people to think he’s really going to follow through on his campaign promises while the actual executive order he signs won’t actually contain anything more than the slightest shadow of those promises. That would be a characteristically Trumpish thing to do.

Let’s say this “leak” is a red herring. Would it qualify as Trump “trying” to build the wall? Would it qualify as making it look like he’s trying? I’m not completely sure.

There might have been something in the “leak” about sanctuary cities too (another prediction of mine is Trump won’t bother trying to crack down on those either), but I don’t know because I didn’t click on the headline. I won’t call it until the thing is signed and public.


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