What the Alt Right really wants

In general, the Alt Right comes in two flavors: Christian and atheist/pagan. After five years of reading various Alt Right websites and blogs written by both of these varieties of Alt Rightists, my conclusion is that the Christian ones are really just longing to become Amish, and the atheist/pagan ones are really just longing to convert to Islam.

In both cases, the Alt Rightists are either too dimwitted to realize this is what they logically want and should do, or else they lack the fortitude to actually do it because deep down they know they prefer the modern, multicultural, egalitarian, globalist world they live in and complain about to the traditional, hierarchical, patriarchal, segregated world they like to pretend to desire.

I have yet to see anyone on the Alt Right explain why they don’t really just want to become Amish or Muslim, so I know I’m right on this. Personally, I hope they all become Muslim (after successfully lobbying for a Muslim ban of course); I wouldn’t wish that kind of demographic influx on the Amish, whom I admire and respect.


4 thoughts on “What the Alt Right really wants

      • Amish and Muslims are both very traditional, patriarchal, non-diverse, etc. and, among certain subgroups anyway, apparently impervious to the creeping effects of globalism and political correctness. The Amish and Muslims are already busy doing what the Alt Right only talks about doing. Both can be converted into, and they’d be happy to take in converts!

        So if you’re a pro-Jesus Alt Rightist (a la Bonald), the Amish are perfect for you. If you’re an anti-Jesus Alt Rightist (a la The Bloody Shovel), then Islam is perfect for you. But the reason neither flavor of Alt Rightist will get on with it and convert is because they don’t actually want the society they talk about wanting.

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