Update on Trump predictions

It’s hard to keep updated on my Trump predictions since I have stopped following the news, but as I’ve said before, bits and pieces slip by my personal journalism embargo. So I know that recently Trump fired Bannon, and I remember hearing something about Sessions being close to the chopping block too.

The day after Trump was elected, I predicted there would be massive turnover in his administration, and it seems like the examples above fit that pattern.

Part of that prediction was that with all the turnover, the Trump administration would gradually become more liberal. I don’t know whether that part of it is happening.

The gist of my predictions was that Trump would turn out to be an overall left-of-center president whose actual policies far more resembled what Hillary’s would have been than those outlined in his campaign. I am now much less confident in that overall prediction. (Luckily nobody took me up on it with a bet.) I now think Trump might be motivated in large part by a combination of contrarianism and narcissism that combine to make him inclined to want to please alt-right types so long as it keeps him in the news.

…Unless this is just all some long game he’s playing, which I don’t rule out either.

The main thing that’s changed is I’m no longer motivated to watch and seeing how things play out. Whereas before I at least wanted to see if my predictions came true because it would indicate whether my model of Trump was accurate, I’ve now mostly lost interest.


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