Lamb’s blood ideas

I’ve been thinking lately about something I’ll term “lambsblood” ideas. The name is taken from the Passover story in the Bible, in which the Israelites painted their doorways with lamb’s blood so the spirit of death would pass over their homes.

I wonder if certain patterns of argument and cultural displays subconsciously serve the purpose of making people feel like they will be spared from future harm that would otherwise affect them.

E.g.: “If I put a Black Lives Matter sign on my lawn then my house will be skipped over during the race riots”; “If I wear a pro-2nd Amendment t-shirt then none of those gun nuts will shoot me when they revolt about possibly having their guns taken away”.

While it’s easy to accuse people of this, it’s impossible to prove. But that doesn’t mean lambsblood ideas don’t factor into people’s reasoning.


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