You can’t savor your regrets

So long as your life isn’t so bad you’re ready to end it, regrets cannot be savored; this is frustrating but you can’t really be frustrated. It’s paradoxical but true.


4 thoughts on “You can’t savor your regrets

    • The idea is that if you could somehow go back in time and do differently something you currently regret, then you wouldn’t have the life and collection of experiences you currently have, most of which you probably value and consider irreplaceable (unless you’re seriously ready to kill yourself).

      This realization is frustrating because it means you can’t really hold on to the regret, which means you can’t really say “I wish I’d done X differently.” It’s frustrating to have an emotionally laden thought and then immediately realize you have to let it go. It’s more satisfying to wallow in it and obsess over it.

      • Well, in that sense I might be willing to kill myself in exchange for a life as someone else, even if I wouldn’t do it in exchange for nothing. Or maybe more accurately in exchange for bringing someone else into existence with a life better than mine, for some definition of “better”.

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