Should I get a Twitter account?

If important conversations related to my interests (and especially my work) really are taking place on — and from what I can see, at least some are — it would count as a reason why I should consider getting an account of my own so I can take part.

But there are still a few reasons why I shouldn’t. Here are all the ones I can name off the top of my head right now:

  • I already have an outlet for my thoughts about things I’m interested in: this blog. Granted, that doesn’t get me into the conversations, it’s just a pressure valve for my own thoughts. Nevertheless, a pressure valve for my thoughts is probably 80% of what I need.
  • Even though it seems like serious people use it and have serious discussions there, at the end of the day I can’t shake the sense that Twitter is just another silly social media site where time is ultimately wasted.
  • Many of the people I might like to interact with on Twitter (the not super-famous ones at least) probably would respond if I sent them an email instead; email is much better suited to meaningful text-based dialog anyway.
  • I like being able to think of myself as someone who isn’t on any social media. It’s kind of dumb, I know, but it’s something I feel a little proud of. Other people who learn that I’m not on social media often congratulate me or say admiring things about it too, so I must be doing something right.
  • Knowing myself, there’s a good chance I would just get sucked in and addicted. Even though I don’t have a smartphone, I spend enough time in front of computers throughout the day that I could easily see Twitter becoming a time sink and infesting my brain.

Is the fact that I’m doing this cost-benefit analysis unusual? I wonder how many other people did some kind of mental calculation like this before they signed up for Twitter or decided not to.


2 thoughts on “Should I get a Twitter account?

  1. I used Twitter heavily (following others, with very little of my own tweeting) for several years. It became a mindkiller in 2016, and the Twitter experience declined significantly. I tried unfollowing 2/3 of my previous follow list, but eventually decided to get off it completely about 4 months ago. I rarely miss it.

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