If you are more interested in doing than understanding and reflecting, you might be an activist.

Activism starts when you stick your fingers in your ears and tell yourself you are right, blocking out all the sane, intelligent, and informed people who disagree with you. When you realize their sound still gets through, you figure out a way to silence them directly.

Activism is both cynical and naive. At activism’s core is a Chinese Room.

Activism is throwing water on a grease fire.¬†Activism is a lively bonfire of books. Activism is trashing the kitchen because you don’t like the food. Activism is a line of scientists, artists, and teachers before a firing squad. Activism is getting rich selling sugar-crusted poison to children, including your own children. Activism is killing all humans as a cure for cancer. Activism is sprinting away from the mundane horror of your own universal imperfections.

Activism is bigotry plus strategy. No theory allowed.

Activism must be a primal response to fear.


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