What do you call the genre of viral Tweets that are like a spoiled brat whining about the few toys he doesn’t yet have?

“Perseverance porn” is apparently the name given to heartwarming news stories about the minor successes of blighted people/organizations within the larger systems that have failed them. Here’s some Canadian journalist giving what he claims are two examples:

I can’t speak to all examples of course, but in the first one his reaction strikes me as dead wrong. It’s a miracle that we have a society in which such advanced technology exists such that a severely disabled 2 year-old can achieve mobility, at any price. A couple hundred years ago that kid would probably be dead even if he was royalty.

Now, on an emotional level of course I want that sweet little boy to have everything his family wants for him, and I can speculate on all the complex reasons why his wheelchair should cost $20K and why his family can’t get one through the standard avenues: maybe it’s a tragic failure of our healthcare system; maybe it’s that those kinds of wheelchairs are very sophisticated and they simply can’t be made/tested/distributed/sold any cheaper; probably it’s a little of both, plus other things.

But if we’re going to describe observable trends in media, how about the one where people act as if the material benefits and comforts of modern society are nothing but basic needs that may be taken for granted, and bitched about when someone doesn’t have some of them?


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