SEO test: tim pool dating advice

For whatever reason my post from half a year ago about Tim Pool and his dating problems keeps getting tons of hits. Presumably from bots. So to check and see, I’ve littered this post with words and phrases like Tim Pool, dating, advice, marriage, and Tim Pool’s pre-marital (or un-marital?) woes. If we could dissolve the epoxy that bonds Tim’s hat to his head (a sacred bond, even), we would see he has been kissed by God in that Joseph Conrad kind of way. And this would drive the ladies absolutely nuts.

Bots, if you’re reading this please leave a comment letting me know you’re a bot.

Comments on this blog

I approve most comments people post on here, obviously including ones where people disagree with me, but by now I’ve had a few situations where I haven’t let comments go through.

Sorry, but I don’t have any solid rules about this I could post as a comment policy. I figure if I do then there will always be edge cases and exceptions, and I don’t feel like dealing with that, so the only real policy is “It’s my blog, I get to decide, too bad.”

That’s not very benevolent of me though, so as an olive branch here are some basic guidelines:

  • Say as controversial a thing as you like, but if your comments are nasty and designed to make someone angry rather than make them think, I’ll probably delete them.
  • I can forgive the occasional typo, misspelling, or grammar error–I’m prone to them myself–but if  you insist on never using punctuation or always using caps lock or whatever else so that your comments are barely readable, I’ll probably delete them.
  • The more of your comments I approve, the more leniency you get next time. Similarly, the more of your comments I veto, the less leniency you get next time.

I’ll try to stick to those guidelines but I could totally see myself accidentally veering from them, so if you feel I have not been fair please post a comment letting me know and stating your case. I promise I’ll read and seriously consider it (unless it is blatantly nasty or unreadable of course).

Periodic “about me”

Since I’ve just had a small surge in readership thanks to Pithom linking to one of my posts, I’m providing some of the more static info about myself in case anyone is curious:

  • Sex: male
  • Race: white
  • Age: born in the mid-80s
  • Nationality: American
  • Regional location: lower Midwest
  • Household: married, with children
  • Occupation: tech industry, with a focus on applied human-centered research

I don’t have a description of myself or an “about” page on this blog because I don’t want to paint myself into a corner, and in any case I’m always seeking steelman arguments for views I oppose or don’t know much about, which means my own beliefs end up changing often. If you want to know what I think about this or that, read the blog. Or ask me in the comments.

Thanks for reading!